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Welcome to the website of Warrior Community Support Outreach. We are very glad you stopped by.
WCSOI can be a critical helping source for those with physical or mental disabilities.

Military and First Responders;   we can, and do make a difference.



WCSOI Action

WCSOI puts words into action; Outreach, Support, Resources, Education, Ministry and Restoration

WCSOI will serve the Nature Coast and Tampa Bay area of Florida.

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The difference you will experience with us is our heart and passion for the Americans who have served our country so well.Warrior Community Support Outreach Inc.(WCSOI) is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization serving our Nature Coast & Tampa Bay area Veterans" community.

Our desire to serve those who served us with honor, and gave so much of themselves for our people, our land,and our family.

Our focus is to empower veterans who have symptoms of PTSD, through our services, we can help unlock your full potential growth,encourage community integration,and support your ability to re-enter the workforce and achieve lifelong success.

WCSOI Vision

To assist people with disabilities,
including our Veterans young and old,
in successfully implementing everyday
strategies to address homelessness,
unemployment, lack of knowledge of
local resources and lack of personal connections
with others in their community

Kenneth Dempsey


Kenneth is a career Firefighter/Paramedic for 34 years as well as currently working as an Emergency room Paramedic. Ken was a First Responder on the day of the 911 World Trade Center attack. It was and is Ken's passion to give back, help and support our Warriors, Veterans and First responders.Ken began his ministry by working for and agency who mentored and counselled veterans of post 911. Since then Ken started his own provider service to continue in this ministry. In addition Ken and Chris were approached by local community representatives to start a nonprofit organization so that they can better provide for all veterans, first responders and there families that are in need throughout our community.

Chris Kempton  


Chris is a career Firefighter/Paramedic for the las 32 years, also working as a Flight Paramedic for 17 years during this time. Chris' willingness to be involved with veterans and first responders heightened after 9/11 and during his years as a flight medic working with various training programs with active military personnel. This training was to assist with preparation in the combat medic, P.J., and Various other Special Forces programs.Chris and Ken have a long standing relationship as friends and fellow partners in the fire department for a great many years. After working together in the private community as community service therapist alongside veterans and families, Ken and Chris were approach by several community members and encouraged to start a non profit organization. This has been successful in furthering both community awareness for our veterans and assistance at the local level.

WCSOI Mission

To reacclimate Veterans and First Responders back into civilian life by way of community and family support. Also thru our program we will implement strategies concerning domestic chores, employment, along with recreational and social involvement.

Don’t miss out on the awesome LIFE you can have!

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The mission can be completed, WCSOI makes it possible!


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